Brokenhead River
Planning District


The Brokenhead River Planning District encompasses the Town of Beausejour as well as the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead which includes the communities of Tyndall and Garson. The District’s Board is comprised of two representatives each from the Town of Beausejour and the Rural Municipality of Brokenhead.

The Brokenhead River Planning District was established by Order-in-Council on June 11, 1977, under the authority of The Planning Act of Manitoba (1976).

The District is responsible for the preparation, adoption and administration of district land use plans and related by-laws. The District is also responsible for the day-to-day responsibilities for the administration of Zoning By-laws, Zoning Amendments and Rezoning, Zoning Enforcement, Variation Orders and Conditional Use Orders for both the Town of Beausejour and Rural Municipality of Brokenhead.

Building permits are also issued from this office for both municipalities.


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