If you plan to expand, relocate to the investment-friendly community. You could not ask for a better place for your business! The town’s diverse economy, including agriculture, manufacturing, and services, provides a dependable foundation for investment diversification. Known as the gateway to the Whiteshell – some of Manitoba’s best vacation lands, and in close proximity to Winnipeg, Centre Port, and the USA Border – any commercial and industrial enterprises have an opportunity to thrive and expand globally.

Beausejour Brokenhead Development Corporation (BBDC) will assist you in all steps to welcome your business to our community. Please contact our office if you have any questions, and your inquiries will be addressed promptly and in confidence.



Industrial Park

The Town of Beausejour is at the forefront of commercial and industrial expansion in Eastern Manitoba. The Beausejour Industrial Park is situated 46 km East of Winnipeg on PTH #44, only 1 hour to CentrePort and the USA border on divided RTAC highways. Beausejour Industrial Park is conveniently located to support trade and business growth, offering affordable lots serviced with water, sewer, hydro, and gas.

913 Mazur Avenue – 2.43 Acres 

1119 Selch Street – 2.95 Acres

900 6th Street N – 1.52 Acres

912 6th Street N – 1.52 Acres

924 6th Street N – 1.5 Acres


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Commercial Real Estate

Beausejour Brokenhead, Manitoba, isn’t just a great place to call home; it’s also a thriving destination for commercial real estate opportunities. This hidden gem in the heart of Manitoba offers a wealth of possibilities for businesses and investors looking to establish a presence in a growing and vibrant community.